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A Turnkey Project in Syracuse, NY!

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Early on in February 2023, a client reached out explaining that they are having construction done to their office space in Syracuse, NY. They needed Turnkey to come out to pack up their office furniture and leave the office space clean and ready for construction to begin.

This three day project began with out team taking apart and wrapping office furniture through out the office space.

Once we carefully took apart and stretch wrapped their furniture, it was time to move everything to storage containers outside of the building.

Once everything was securely locked away, it was time to finish the project by cleaning up the office space and doing a final check to make sure everything was packed up.

This project had a tight time frame but the client knew exactly who to call! Our team was safe, clean, and efficient every step of the way.

It was another successful Turnkey project!

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