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Avoiding Injury with Ergonomics

Working behind a desk for hours at a time is often the culprit behind the musculoskeletal pain that chiropractors address daily. In fact, musculoskeletal disorders, such as neck and back pain, often develop when employees are exposed to repetitive tasks and awkward movements, such as typing at a desk for long hours. The discomfort associated with this work can lead, over time, to decreased range of motion and to lingering pain. Ergonomic office furniture can help you help your employees bypass this discomfort and improve their overall mood and level of productivity.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomics involves the science of appropriately matching physical workspaces and work demands to individual employees. When you incorporate office furniture and accessories that are designed and arranged to accommodate your employees’ comfort, you allow your employees to optimize their output and to reduce repetitive-motion injuries in the process. Comfortable employees are happy, productive employees.

The Office Chair

The right office chair is your first line of defense. Ergonomic chairs that are correctly set for height and that provide lower-back support can greatly increase your employees’ comfort level. When appropriately positioned, the right office chair will allow your employees to comfortably keep their feet flat on the floor, their backs resting against the chair backs, their necks in alignment, and their knees, ankles, and hips at 90-degree angles to their resting thighs.

The Computer

Next up are the computers that your employees’ toil at for hours at a stretch. To accommodate comfortable neck alignment, the top of your employees’ monitors should be positioned at eye level. Your keyboards should allow your employees to comfortably bend their elbows at 90-degree angles and to keep their wrists straight as their arms rest close to their bodies.

Take a Break

Changing positions frequently and adopting neutral work postures can help your employees work more comfortably and avoid repetitive-motion injuries. Adjustable-height standing desks provide an excellent mechanism for incorporating posture resets into your employees’ work days.

Call us for More Information about Improving Your Workspace with Ergonomic Office Furniture

Working long hours at a desk can be a literal pain in the neck. Turnkey Workplace Services has over 30 years of experience helping employers just like you invest in ergonomic office furniture that improves employee comfort and that aids productivity. At Turnkey, we offer a vast selection of ergonomic office furniture and accessories, and our massive inventory includes new, refurbished, and Grade A pre-owned. For expert help incorporating ergonomic furniture into your office, give us a call at 518-244-3461 or send us an email today.

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