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Deciding Between Dividers, Partitions, and Cubicles

Businesses everywhere are adjusting their open-plan offices to match a COVID-adjacent reality. Because every office has unique goals, there’s a lot to consider. Reputable contract office furniture companies, like Turnkey Workplace Services, offer office planning and project management services that will help you optimize your office space.

Lots of Choices

Dividers, partitions, and cubicles may all sound alike, but they each have distinct qualities:

Partitions are modular wall panels that can be joined together to form cubicles or stand alone as room dividers. They’re usually constructed with metal frames and fabric-like coverings that allow workers to pin up photos of their loved ones and other mementos. Partitions can help your employees carve out a bit of personal space within a wide-open plan.

Cubicles, on the other hand, are employee spaces that are created with partitions. Cubicles can be created in a variety of sizes and shapes and allow you the flexibility to provide your employees with the workspaces they need. However, they can be difficult to envision when you’re looking at a blank office space. Turnkey Workplace Services' planning services are here to help.

Room dividers are standalone panels that provide a visual barrier between office workstations, meeting areas, break-room spaces, or anywhere you need them. They’re lightweight and easy to move in accommodation of your needs, but they can also provide a pop of style.

Desktop dividers are small panels that are used between workstations to provide privacy in a truly open plan. These dividers can be tricky because most are made to be used within a specific office furniture collection; very few are one-size-fits-all.

Cubicle doors are panels that are designed to be pulled in front of a cubicle when an employee needs additional privacy. Some styles are universal, but others are panel-system specific. Carefully consider your needs before investing.

Let Turnkey Help You Plan Your Optimal Office Space

Turnkey Workplace Services can help you optimize your office space. We have 30 years of experience helping companies like you invest in office furniture that suits your needs, budget, and aesthetic. At Turnkey, we offer a vast selection of dividers, partitions, cubicles and more, and our wide inventory includes new, refurbished, and Grade A pre-owned. For expert help with planning your office space, give us a call at 518-244-3461 or send us an email today.

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