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Workplace Relocation


If you are looking for advice on the relocation process - contact the experts at Turnkey Workplace Services. We will handle the entire process for you, from start to finish. There are many instances where employees may think they can handle the relocation without hiring relocation professionals - and it can become inefficient, dangerous, and extremely risky. Items can be misplaced, employees can risk injury, or employee productivity can decrease due to focus and attention on the move. For an organized relocation, you are best suited calling a professional. Below are some of the key ways in which we will assist your employees when it comes to relocation.

Workplace Relocation Safety

Having all the proper equipment is one of the most important parts of the relocation. It is mandatory to have all the appropriate moving equipment to make the whole process safe and efficient. If you employ the services of Turnkey Workplace Services, your office furniture and contents will be handled safely. Our company is well equipped and you will not have to worry about your office furniture getting lost or broken in the relocation process. In many cases where the employees do the relocation themselves, they can damage or destroy belongings and suffer the consequences of not hiring professionals.

Moving Experts

The best way to help your employees through an office relocation is to hire a professional company with relocation experts. At Turnkey Workplace Services, we are masters of our craft and perform our duties in a professional manner. We know how to handle office equipment safely and efficiently. Though all your employees may be relocating, that is not always the case for all the contents and furniture. At Turnkey Workplace Services, we create a process that will not only help relocate, but recycle and re-purpose items that may not be needed at the new space.

Time Saving Tips for Moving

Maintaining productivity while relocating to a new office is another important aspect. Your employees may not have relocation experience; therefore they may have to research the process. It is paramount to seek advice from professional moving experts at Turnkey Workplace Services who can keep your employees productive and focused on their daily jobs. We will advise on moving the large and fixed office accessories first and set them in place so that the contents can then be moved and arranged in place. Creating an action plan can help organize your move, save time, and maintain productivity.

Available and Accessible

Though your physical relocation may be completed, it may take your team some time to get settled into your new space. Your employees may request modifications or re-arranging of furniture once they've settled in. Turnkey Workplace Services is here to help your team get comfortable right away, so that your team can focus on what's most important - your own business! 

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