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San Jose, CA to San Mateo, CA: Another Successful Relocation!

For the past week, Turnkey has been in California helping a client move from San Jose, CA to their new location in San Mateo, CA! Our team packed up workstations, private offices, conference tables, whiteboards, TVs, and more from the San Jose office. They securely wrapped valuable items and loaded in into the truck for the move.

With everything packed and ready to go, our team made the 31 mile drive from to San Mateo. With the guidance of our client, we carefully moved everything in.

Once everything was moved in, our team returned to the San Jose office to clean up. We take pride in leaving an area cleaner than when we arrived and this job was no different! The clients team was great to work with and we appreciate them trusting TWS with relocating their office!

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