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How a Comfortable Office is Key for Increasing Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is paramount to success, yet employees continue to exhibit sluggish productivity. This seems to be one of the costs of doing business, but fear not, help and hope are on the horizon.

Combating Inertia While Inspiring Productivity

Providing your employees with a comfortable and inviting workspace can provide the single most important factor in improving employee productivity. One of the simplest mechanisms for providing such an environment is the inclusion of enhanced office furniture and equipment. The positive effects of incorporating the right office furniture into your workspace cannot be over emphasized.

Comfort Is King

It makes sense: comfortable employees are productive employees. There is perhaps no greater contributor to employee comfort than the office chair. Let’s face it: your employees spend an awful lot of time working away in their desk chairs. It behooves all employers to make sure those chairs are comfortable, stylish, and ergonomic as uncomfortable chairs can lead to apathy, decreased concentration, and a general trend toward lowered productivity. Do your research and make sure that you are providing your most valuable resource – your employees – with the most comfortable desk chairs available.

What Constitutes a Great Office Chair?

It’s all well and good to determine that you need to provide your employees with the best office chair possible, but how do you go about making that goal a reality. The first order of business in such an endeavor is implementing a plan:

  • Talk to your employees about what’s important to them;

  • Investigate ergonomic design;

  • Pay special attention to the environment-friendly factor associated with purchasing lightly-used office chairs; and

  • Never underestimate the productivity value of aesthetically pleasing office furniture (employees, after all, do spend an inordinate amount of time in their office chairs, and most of them are undoubtedly not immune to aesthetic concerns).

There’s a lot to consider, but they’re all equally important factors. Your employees are your most valuable resource, and their level of productivity speaks directly to your bottom line. Don’t shirk your responsibility to accommodate your employees’ need for comfort and their desire for environmental sustainability and pleasing aesthetics. Most importantly, remember that you don’t have to go it alone; professional guidance is available.

For Expert Help with Increasing Employee Productivity, Call us Today

Turnkey Workplace Services is here to help you help your employees. We have 30 years of experience helping employers like you achieve optimal office planning that includes optimizing office furniture. Our goal is to help you make your office all that it can be, to help create a comfortable and inviting workspace, and to bolster employee productivity. At our showroom in Troy, NY, we offer a vast selection of name brand office furniture, including ergonomically designed desk chairs. Our massive inventory includes new, refurbished, and Grade A pre-owned chairs. For expert help with maximizing employee productivity through improved office design, give us a call at 518-244-3461.

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